New Employment Data for the States

By Juliette Tennert
Chief Economist, Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released the employment data for all 50 states, and Utah is well-placed.

Utah’s 2.3% employment growth rate ranks #4, following:

North Dakota:  6.6%
Louisiana:  2.5%
Oklahoma: 2.4%
Utah/Kentucky/Texas:  2.3%

While we are not adding jobs at the pace we were during the economic boom that preceded the downturn, our job growth pace is one of the best in the nation and most importantly, Utah’s growth is broad-based

Utah’s unemployment rate of 5.8% is not statistically different than it was last month, according to the BLS.  It is the 10th lowest in the nation (12% in Nevada is the highest, 3% in North Dakota is the lowest).

The following maps illustrate the recent data. Click to zoom in.




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