Utah Clean Energy Policies Highlighted

 By Governor Gary R. Herbert

As governor, one of my four priority cornerstones is energy.  As a state, we have made large strides toward the development of our resources and improvement of our air quality.  Taking actions like limiting government fleet vehicle idling time and encouraging participation in the Utah Clean Air Partnership (U-CAIR) has made Utah a leading example of energy efficiency and innovation.  That’s not a self-proclaimed position either; SNL Energy featured the State of Utah and our new energy adviser, Cody Stewart, in their most recent edition of “Power Daily,” highlighting our efforts to boost renewable energy as a leader in the field.

“Power Daily” presents a comprehensive view of today’s energy industry, showing the exciting innovation of some places and the increasing danger of power shortages in others.  Our state is featured as an optimistic center for energy development, balance and innovation.  With the help of Cody Stewart, I am proud to say our dialogue of new energy is open and ongoing, and our government policies will continue to support sustainable and affordable energy for Utahns.

At one point in the newsletter, GEA Executive Director Karl Gawell is quoted, saying, “… Growth in the United States is still hindered by uncertainty about the direction of government policy.”  I am pleased to say that the policies of Utah will maintain clear direction by both promoting improved air quality and pursuing cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy.

Take a moment to read the attached article and understand what makes Utah a great state to call home. Article begins half-way through the first page. Click to enlarge.


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