Local Business Thrives in Utah Environment

By Governor Gary R. Herbert

I recently met James Saffari, the President of Dynotron Inc., and he graciously invited me for a tour. Eager to learn more about a local business, I accepted and found James and his wife, Angela, to be representative of what we see in so many successful Utah entrepreneurs: The Saffaris are passionate about their product, committed to making it successful and completely aware of the difference they make to employees, their families and the greater community.

Dynotron, Inc., is an electronic engineering firm that designs and manufactures portable LED lighting. This specialty location lighting is currently purchased by Boeing, the Air Force, the Navy, and other industries. They also make capacitive touch pads, motor controls and other custom electronic products.

Products of Utah’s higher education system (he has a University of Utah electrical engineering degree and she has a Weber State associates in interior design and University of Utah communications degree), James and Angela started this business with only a handful of employees. Now they have expanded, both in product development and staff. With Utah’s low taxes, common-sense regulations, and consistent, low-cost energy, Utah provides Dynotron a stable environment in which they are growing and succeeding.

As Governor and a businessman, I understand that starting your own small business is not easy. The Saffaris work long days and sacrifice much, not only for themselves, but also for their employees. They represent the inspirational kind of home-grown business the Governor’s Office of Economic Development is chartered to serve through creation, growth and recruitment efforts.

I commend the Saffaris for their dedication and wish them, and all of Utah’s small businesses, the success and reward that strengthens our communities and our state as we grow jobs and return to economic prosperity.


Governor Gary R. Herbert with James and Angela Saffari

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