A Father’s Day Message

Reading to the Herbert Grandchildren

By Governor Gary R. Herbert

Bill Cosby said, “Nothing I’ve ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.”

I whole-heartedly echo his sentiment. Being a father and grandfather is the greatest joy of my life. I truly believe that any success I have in business, politics, or any other worldly pursuit means nothing if it comes at the expense of my family. My wife, children and grandchildren keep me grounded and remind me daily that family is hands-down the most important thing in life.

As Governor, I would like wish all Utah fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

God bless the fathers across our state who work tirelessly to provide for their families. God bless the fathers who emphasize the importance of education. God bless the fathers who teach their children to be good citizens. God bless those fathers who make the ultimate sacrifice not only for their own families, but for all families, by serving in the military to protect our freedoms.

I continually tout the accomplishments of our great state, citing the various accolades and rankings which seem to continually pour in. But make no mistake: I know these praises and recognitions don’t come by accident – and they certainly aren’t my doing. It is the strength of Utah’s families that makes our state great – families led by fathers and mothers who make an honest living and raise their children to do the same.

I hope we will all recognize the importance of fathers and family this day, and remember to thank our fathers and grandfathers for their life and legacy.

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