Unprecedented Partnerships: Unlimited Possibilities


By Governor Gary R. Herbert

When I was first inaugurated in August 2009, the title of my inaugural address was “Unprecedented Partnerships: Unlimited Possibilities.”  Just a few days ago, on Wednesday, May 23rd, I came together with hundreds of business and government leaders to see the concept of unprecedented partnerships physically manifest in bricks and mortar – or, more accurately, in glass and steel.

At that event, the iconic Eagle Gate Tower, located downtown just across from the Beehive House, was renamed the World Trade Center at City Creek, in recognition of an exciting new partnership that will further establish Utah as a leader in business and growth, both nationally and globally.  I believe that this partnership, which is composed of World Trade CenterUtah(WTC Utah), the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the Office of Energy Development (OED), and the Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative (USTAR), will be a profound catalyst for new opportunities that will driveUtah’s economy forward.

All part of Team Utah, these four offices have unique expertise in business development, energy resource development, technology commercialization, and international growth prospects.  Now that they are all housed on a single floor, each group’s diverse knowledge and experience will contribute to a dialogue that will provide mutual benefit as they work to start-up, grow, and expand businesses inUtah.  There are many, many great companies doing business inUtah, but even the best can do better.  I view this partnership as key to leveraging and improving the cooperation of business and government in a way that fosters rapid economic expansion, attracting investment and growing jobs.  This is exactly whatUtahneeds to retain its edge regionally, nationally, and globally. This is indeed an unprecedented partnership, and I see unlimited possibilities.

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