Letter of Condolences

By Governor Gary R. Herbert


Dear Governor Janice K. Brewer,

Jeanette and I offer our heartfelt condolences to you and the residents of Arizona for the tragic loss of the nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshot fire crew. The fallen firefighters were heroic public servants who sacrificed their lives in order to protect the lives and possessions of others.

On behalf of all Utahns, I express our desire not only to mourn with the families and friends of these valiant men, but also to commemorate their lives and invaluable contributions. Their selfless service to help fight wildfires throughout the West is commendable and commands our deepest respect and gratitude. Indeed, I revere that one of Utah’s own sons, Joe Thurston, was courageously engaged in this worthy cause, alongside with his comrades, when he perished.

During this difficult time of bereavement, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the residents of Arizona and, particularly, with the families and loved ones of the fallen firefighters. May you and the families find comfort and peace beyond what mere words are able to provide.




Gary R. Herbert





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