It’s a Rich State 7-peat for Utah

They say winning never gets old, and when it comes to the Rich States, Poor States index, Utah knows it firsthand.

“Utah’s ranking as the top state in Rich States, Poor States goes to show the importance of the work we have done to maximize the value of every taxpayer dollar rather than taking more dollars from every taxpayer,” said Gov. Gary R. Herbert. “We continually work to make Utah the most attractive destination for capital investment and job creation to benefit the people of our state.”


For the seventh consecutive year (and they’ve only produced this report for seven years now) Utah finds itself atop the list when it comes to economic outlook. The results are beaded on 15 policy areas that are key to predicting economic success.

Rich States, Poor States also ranks the 50 states according to their economic performance over a ten-year period from 2002-12. On that list, Utah takes the number two spot behind Texas.

You can see why Utah ranked #1 here or download a copy of the report here:

The report is published by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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