Making government work for Utahns: Utah’s Real Estate Division


We all want a more efficient government that can play its role without slowing down the wheels of commerce. When we succeed, it’s good for the economy and for all Utahns.

With a booming economy and a growing housing industry, Utah has solidified its position as the best place to raise a family–and that often means buying a home. The Real Estate Division of the Department of Commerce works to promote responsible business practices through education and licensure of real estate professionals. The division is doing a great job of keeping up with the high influx of applications for licensure and is a true example of how state efficiency can and should work.

To meet the high demand for licensure, the division has adopted several SUCCESS Framework strategies. These strategies focus on increasing the overall speed for issuing licenses and the internal workflow of the division.

A key strategy the division implemented was to reduce the number of incomplete applications, which slows down the approval process.  The staff created a checklist cover sheet for every type of license to remind applicants what they need to include. In addition, the division now provides the checklists to real estate schools and testing providers so applicants there will also be aware of licensing requirements before they apply.

This initiative shows the commitment the division has towards their customers, without requesting additional resources. Although already performing at a very high level—processing 75 percent of all applications within just five days— by implementing some simple strategies the division now processes 85 percent of applications within five days. Also, the Real Estate Division cost per application has decreased by an impressive 25 percent.

The division has also focused on the training of their staff and in return the staff has been proactive about implementing the new procedures.  The results speak volumes for the work of the Real Estate Division and their dedication and willingness to make improvements to better serve their customers. The division is a great example and a motivator to be proactive and serve those around us the best way we can.  Keep up the good work!


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