Going Above and Beyond: Governor Announces 100,000 Jobs in 1,000 Days Results



When Gov. Herbert took office back in 2009, the unemployment rate in Utah was 8.4 percent. In January 2012, the unemployment rate in Utah dropped to 5.8 percent. Although significantly lower than the high of 8.4, we knew Utah could do better.

During the 2012 State of the State address, Gov. Herbert set a goal for accelerating job growth in Utah by creating 100,000 private sector jobs in 1,000 days. He challenged the private sector to create jobs and economic opportunities for Utah’s citizens.

State government also played a role – namely in providing a fertile field that allows businesses to flourish through low and consistent tax rates, regulatory reform, efficiency in government and investing in education.

These and other efforts have combined to trigger the kind of economic vitality that is the envy of most states and has helped many businesses flourish while putting unemployed Utahns back to work.

As the 1,000 days came to a close, the governor announced today that Utah businesses have added a total of 112,200 job, outpacing the governor’s goal by more than 10 percent.

“Utah deserves a hearty congratulations. We have met yet another challenge,” Gov. Herbert said. “In doing so, we also have upheld another Utah tradition: surpassing expectations. Not only do we aim high, but we meet and typically succeed the goals we set. More importantly, that number represents 112,200 Utahns who now have work and can provide for themselves and their families and help boost our economy.”




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