Governor inducted into Utah Tourism Hall of Fame

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Gov. Hebert was inducted into the Utah Tourism Hall of Fame this week. The honor came as a recognition of his leadership in opening Utah’s five national parks during the federal government shutdown last year.

“While I am the one being inducted, I recognize that this honor doesn’t belong to me alone,” said the governor. “I am accepting it on behalf of  everyone involved in our robust tourism industry.”

Tourism is a significant part of Utah’s economy. Over the past year, 6.3 million visitors enjoyed our national parks, and that’s in addition to 4.7 million visitors to our national monuments and recreation areas.

Tourism is important to Utah workers. In 2012, tourism employed more than 124,000 Utahns and generated more than $960 million in state and local taxes.

Gov. Herbert wants to bring even more visitors to our national parks, national monuments, red rock canyon, mountains and world-class ski resorts.

“I am proud of our state  and want to showcase the very best that Utah has to offer both nationally and internationally,”  he said.

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