Hispanic businesses play big role in Utah’s economic success

Gov. Herbert praised Utah’s Hispanic business community as, for the first time ever, Utah hosted the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce national convention.

“Everywhere you look, no matter the profession or occupation you look at, you will find Hispanics doing great things that are enriching the fabric of Utah’s life, culture and economy,” said the governor.

The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in Utah skyrocketed between 2002-07, from 5,177 firms to 9,238, a 56 percent increase. That’s about three times faster than the average growth for all firms in Utah in that period. Utah’s Hispanic population also has a purchasing power of $7 billion–up 846 percent since 1990.

Gov. Herbert recognized just a few of the many Hispanic Utahns who have made a great contribution to our state.

Don Salazar, who is the president of Creative Times Incorporated was acknowledged. His company is known for their contributions to Utah in business, education, and  public and volunteer service which are legendary.

It was announced that Don will serve in 2016 as the chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the first Utahn ever selected to serve in that position.

Sabrina Morales, who is owner of Linguistica International, a Utah-based company that provides interpretation and translation services in 190 languages nationwide. Her company employs more than 1,500 interpreters in Utah alone, and over 3,000 nationally.

She also served as the Chair of my Latino Advisory Council in 2010-11.

JorgeA. Fierro, left his native Mexico to pursue the American Dream — one that would only be realized with vision, persistence and hard work.

Jorge started out herding sheep in Wyoming before opening Rico manufacturing operations. Currently his business employs about 55 people and produces more than 125 products. Those products are distributed to supermarkets and restaurants from Jackson, Wyoming, to Las Vegas.

Utah has the second fastest growing economy and fourth most diverse economy in the nation. And Hispanic entrepreneurs are playing a significant role in our economic success.



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