Healthy Utah to be considered in general session

The Healthy Utah Plan will be considered during the 2015 general legislative session, which begins in January, rather than in a special session. That’s the announcement Gov. Gary Herbert made during his monthly news conference today.

“We’ve been involved in long negotiations and we’ve come to an agreement with the Obama administration on what we can do here in Utah,” said the governor. “I think they are giving us more flexibility than has been given to any other state in America and we’re breaking some new ground.”

Of course, the Healthy Utah plan still must pass the Utah Legislature. The governor told reporters he is working closely with legislators to fine tune the final product.

“I’ve received some suggestions and recommendations from some in the Legislature,” said the governor. “They’ve come up with some good ideas and suggestions.”

The governor made the decision to hold off until the full legislative session to give legislators sufficient time to consider the proposal, understand the plan and receive feedback from constituents.

He is planning to meet with Sen. Pres. Wayne Niederhauser as well as the then-newly-elected Speaker of the House in mid-November to discuss the finalized plan and how to roll it out to the full legislative body.

“We’ll talk about a lot of things that will be brought up during the legislative session and of course the Healthy Utah program will be at the top of that list,” said the governor. “I feel like we’re on the right road. I’m confident–I really am optimistic–and believe that by the end of the legislative session in 2015 we will have a program in place which will deal with those people who need government assistance health care and we’ll have a program in place that we can all agree upon.”

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