An inside look at the State of the State


Last night, Gov. Herbert delivered his sixth State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature. The speech is broadcast live on local TV stations and seats are at a premium in the Gallery. There’s a lot that goes into the 3,000-plus word address, which outlines the governor’s priorities for the just-underway legislative session.


The drafting process begins more than a month before the governor steps to the podium in the House Chambers. The governor’s senior staff and the Lt. Gov. work closely with Gov. Herbert to understand what he wants to include in the address and to find a theme for the speech. We go through over 20 drafts of the speech before it is ready for prime time, with plenty of time spent debating every section.

So what did the governor talk about? You can read the full text HERE, but here’s a visual representation of the address.



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