Utah sees new opportunity to share state solutions

The National Governors Association Summer Meeting, 2015The Greenbrier, Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Gov. Gary Herbert asked a bipartisan organization of state legislators from across the nation to partner with the National Governors Association (NGA) to strengthen the standing of states during the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) summit held in Seattle on Wednesday.

Gov. Herbert is the newly appointed Chair of the National Governors Association, a bipartisan organization of the nation’s governors. Utah State Sen. Curt Bramble took over as head of the National Conference of State Legislatures on Wednesday. These leadership roles provide a unique opportunity for Utah to share its solutions with other states.

“By partnering together, I believe we have a historic opportunity to empower the states as problem-solvers and to resolve challenges in our states in a number of key areas,” Gov. Herbert told the legislators.

The governor encouraged the NGA and NCSL to work together by holding a summit centered on state solutions, coordinating messaging to strengthen the role of states in the federal system, and pushing for congressional hearings where leaders of both the NGA and NCSL could take their concerns and solutions directly to Washington, D.C.

The governor believes that the balance of powers between the states and the federal government is essential in order to find solutions to the complex problems facing Americans.

For that reason, his NGA Chair’s initiative focuses on sharing the many innovative solutions emerging from states. It is entitled, States: Finding Solutions, Improving Lives.

“To find real solutions to the issues we face every day, people need to look to the real innovators—states, our laboratories of democracy. My NGA initiative will showcase these breakthroughs,” said Gov. Herbert.

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