Governor pardons Thanksgiving turkey


Gov. Gary R. Herbert pardoned Norbert from the Thanksgiving table Tuesday during the 5th annual turkey pardon held at the Utah State Capitol.

“Norbert is lucky,” Gov. Herbert said. “But so are all of us. We are blessed to live among the greatest people, in the greatest state and in the greatest nation in the world.”

The governor also took the opportunity to recognize Utah’s agricultural industry, including those individuals who raise beautiful birds like Norbert every year.

“Utah agriculture is strong and expanding. The 18,000 farmers and ranchers who toil to provide us with a safe and abundant food supply deserve our heartfelt gratitude.” Gov. Herbert said.

Utah’s turkey industry, primarily located in Sanpete County, generated $71 million in 2014 and employs approximately 500 people. Sanpete County raises five million turkeys annually, which means there are two million more turkeys in one county than there are total people in Utah.

The state of Utah thanks Norbest, LLC for donating the 47-pound bird. Norbert will spend the remainder of his days in comfort at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.



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