Governor Herbert hosts annual energy summit

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“Energy development plays a special role in elevating rural economies; it is the lifeblood and enabler of Utah’s broader economy.” – Gov. Herbert

This week, Gov. Gary R. Herbert joined with the Office of Energy Development to host the 5th annual Energy Development Summit, bringing together energy stakeholders in promoting clean, affordable and sustainable energy development.

Ongoing energy development projects in Utah currently include compressed air energy storage, cryogenic carbon capture, and self-tinting electrochromic glass, among many others. The state is also experiencing a solar energy boom, primarily taking place in Millard, Beaver and Iron counties. Gov. Herbert praised the movers behind these impressive energy innovations.

“These are exciting times for the energy industry — times characterized by rapid changes in how we produce, deliver and use energy,” the governor said. He expressed his appreciation for all key leaders in Utah’s energy industry that keep companies strong during periods of flux and transition.

At the summit, Governor Herbert announced the exciting addition of Dr. Laura Nelson to his cabinet as his energy advisor. Nelson is the fourth woman to be appointed to the advisory board, and previously worked as an energy advisor to the Huntsman administration.

An exclusive women’s panel addressed attendees. “All of the industry experts on the panel we’ll hear from this afternoon are women. It was done because women are underrepresented in this field—and frankly, they shouldn’t be,” Gov. Herbert said at the summit.

Gov. Herbert’s personal focus on energy independence will continue. “Utah remains focused on delivering a quality workforce,  world-class infrastructure, and the business climate necessary to ensure that our energy sector is as resilient and robust as possible,” the governor said.

For more information about the Governor’s Office of Energy Development and related projects, click here.

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