State employees on track to meet government efficiency goal

Photo by Kirsten Rappleye

Gov. Gary R. Herbert praised state employees who are on track to meet a statewide goal of increasing efficiency in government by 25 percent during the third annual Utah OPS Conference held Thursday.

“Our state employees are improving government efficiency through greater innovation and effectiveness than ever before,” Gov. Herbert told the crowd. “Your efforts to deliver the best services at the greatest value for the Utah taxpayer helped propel Utah to heights scarcely imaginable just a few years ago.”

Nearly 600 state employees from 22 cabinet agencies attended the conference, where they were trained how to improve the quality and cost of government services.

Gov. Herbert believes that the role of government should be limited to providing services that we the people believe are important. He told the crowd that ultimately, the state’s goal to improve efficiency is about helping people and the record speaks for itself.

Today, Utahns are receiving more timely and accurate, critical information about the health of their newborn babies, the forensic evidence supporting their innocence, the safety of our water from algal blooms, and the status of Zika in the state because of increased performance at the State Health Lab.

Utahns are also able to start businesses faster due to increased performance at the Department of Commerce. People applying for food stamp and Medicaid applications are receiving a determination from the Department of Workforce Services within 14 days. Finally, Utahns work in healthier and safer workplaces thanks to improvements at the Labor Commission’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Of course there are always challenges, but the governor told state employees that working together, they could surpass what many thought impossible.

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