Governor: Reliable, affordable energy critical for growing population


Gov. Gary R. Herbert met with energy stakeholders and government officials to discuss the state’s key energy and environmental opportunities at the second Utah Air & Energy Symposium held Wednesday.

“It’s critical that we maintain reliable and affordable energy resources to keep pace with our growing population,” Gov. Herbert said. “Energy touches every part of our economy and our lives, and it is only by working together that we can address the challenges ahead.”

Since the inaugural symposium in 2015, Utah has continued its progress in meeting the state’s unique air and energy demands through the accelerated adoption of advanced technologies such as building efficiency, alternative transportation and renewable resources—including the projected integration of roughly 850 megawatts of utility-scale solar energy by the end of 2016.  

In the last few years, Gov. Herbert has signed bills that provide tax credits for energy efficient vehicles and encourage the use of cleaner fuel. He has also personally met with the managers of every refinery in Utah and will continue to push them to produce much cleaner Tier 3 fuel as soon as possible. Tesoro, a key partner and Utah’s largest refinery, has already begun to make the transition.

During his remarks, Gov. Herbert acknowledged the many communities in rural Utah, which supply electricity all over the nation. With many of them facing difficult times from low commodity prices and federal regulation, he said, Utahns should recognize their contributions to the quality of life for everyone in the state.

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