Flag Day, A Day to Honor Our Great Nation

There are several days each year set aside to honor our country and pay tribute to the ideals upon which it was founded. One of these special days is Flag Day. Each June 14, we pay tribute to our flag. While celebrating our star-spangled banner might seem simplistic or redundant, it is anything but. More than a mere American symbol, our flag holds exceptional significance for those who live in such a blessed nation.

This morning, a gunman opened fire on a group of congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia. We here in Utah pray for the full recovery of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) and others who were injured at the scene. We pray also for our nation – that its future will not be scarred by further actions such as these. Egregious actions of this kind must not be tolerated on any level. At times like these, the symbol of our flag bears special significance, and reminds us of what our democracy  and our nation stand for.

We stand for freedom. We stand for the people’s voice, and its place in government. We stand for civilization, for peace, and for decency. And today, we stand for the sensible forum of democracy that our founding fathers set out for us — for the system they created to allow for discussion, disagreement, and progress, free from violence and terror.

By honoring our flag, we not only pay respect to our nation’s past, but we also commemorate the numerous values we stand for as citizens today. We honor the hope and faith that brought our country through terror attacks of recent decades, and the same hope and faith that will sustain our country and its ideals no matter what may come. And most importantly, we honor the bravery and sacrifice of all those that continue to fight so hard defending our country.

God bless America.

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