Utah Poised for Further Economic Development

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) approved the expansion and development of three innovative and growing companies in Utah. The companies are Alliance Data Systems, Amazon, and Podium. All three are very competitive projects, and we are fortunate to have them in Utah.

The projects announced today will bring more than $250 million in capital investment to the state, along with thousands of jobs, many of which will be high-paying. All three were approved by the GOED board and will receive some kind of state support to incentivize growth.

All three of these projects constitute part of a larger effort to bring more, better jobs to Utah, offering Utahns a brighter future.

Both Alliance Data Systems, Inc. and Podium already have operations in Utah, but their expansions will bring even more jobs and economic growth to the state.

Alliance Data Systems, a global provider of data-driven marketing, will bring $33.9 million in new wages, $5 million in new revenue, and $15.6 million in capital investment. Their marketing tactics are innovative and exciting; they offer a wide variety of services, including direct marketing, customer loyalty programs, and private-label credit cards.

Podium is a homegrown IT company, right out of Provo Utah. Founded in 2013, this company collects and manages online reviews for businesses of all kinds on across a mobile platform. This Utah company has continued to produce high-quality jobs for Utahns for years, and this new expansion is no exception. The expansion approved today will create up to 426 jobs, and $127 million in new wages.

Finally, Amazon’s decision to construct a fulfillment center in Utah will be a boon to the economy. While details of the company’s development in Utah are still forthcoming, Amazon has made a great choice in coming to Utah, and we thank them for coming to join Utah’s ever-strong economy. Current projections show that this development, like the others approved today, will bring high-paying jobs to Utah. This project was highly competitive, and it is exciting not only to welcome the largest internet-based retailer in the world to Utah, but also to look forward to the great economic growth this will bring to the state. The company expects to create upwards of 1,000 jobs at the Utah fulfillment center.

This is an amazing opportunity for the state, and this Amazon development will be a great shot in the arm for Salt Lake City’s economic development.

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